Our goal at Therapy and Sports Center is to help each patient fully rehabilitate. We strive to do this with the least amount of pain and the utmost concern for patient care and well being.

Below are a few of our patients’ testimonials.

  • At T&SC they really took the time to explain my injury to me in laymen terms. They also gave me plenty to do at home so that I could change habits that would slow my recovery. At every visit, I really got the feeling that they care and that they wanted to hear my feedback. You don’t just get personal touch, you gain a friend and coach. They also know the best doctors in the area and referred me to one just down the road so that I did not need to drive to one by USF. Thank you Therapy & Sports Center!
    Jay Glenn speaking about his experience at the Riverview office
  • “My wife and I have gotten excellent results from the treatments we have received at your clinic, me for my lower back pain, and Anita for her nagging neck pain. The McKenzie method and exercises that you teach produce quick and long lasting results that have relieved my back pain like no other treatment has been able to do.

    In my case the treatments served to quickly prevent of greatly diminish my pain, when other therapies were not preventative at all and only delivered short term relief, and then the pain returned undiminished.”

    Eli Jenkins speaking about his wife’s and his own experiences at the St. Petersburg office
  • “Your caring, gentle manner and encouraging nurturing, despite my tears, has been an inspiration and a beacon of hope for me. Today is the first day I have felt “normal” in months. Not just pain free but relaxed and smoothly-mobile. Thank you for working with me and teaching me how to teach myself to heal.”

    Deborah Klemawesch speaking about her experience at the St. Petersburg office
  • “I had surgery in New Hampshire for a massive rotator cuff tear on December 1st, 2009. The surgery was successful except for reattaching part of my bicep. I had two months of light rehab before my wife and I left for Florida. I was fortunate enough to have the Clearwater branch recommended to me by a former patient. I visited the Clearwater office 27 times between February and April for extensive rehab. When I returned back to New Hampshire to meet with my surgeon on May 17, 2010, he was amazed with the amount of flexibility and strength I had. His comment was, “absolutely remarkable”.

    I am serious when I say I owe my accelerated path to recovery to both Dan and Mike. Dan manipulated my arm and gave me exercises to do at home and setup all the exercises that I worked on with Mike. The professionalism and caring by all concerned in this office is unmatched! Thank you so much for giving me my arm back.”

    Sam Price speaking about his experience at the Clearwater location