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Physical Therapy for Seniors in St. Pete

Geriatric Rehabilitation in Tampa Bay

Older adults have unique needs when it comes to physical therapy, and our geriatric rehabilitation specialists understand that. We customize our geriatric physical therapy to suit older adults who often have several health issues occurring at once such as:

  • cognitive issues
  • dementia
  • Parkinson's
  • functional needs, walking problems
  • bone loss / osteoporosis
  • arthritis / osteoarthritis
  • rheumatism
  • vision disorders
  • joint replacement

Our goal at Therapy and Sports Center is to empower our older generation and educate families on how to best support their physical therapy needs.

We offer professional geriatric rehab at all four of our locations!

What is Geriatric Rehabilitation?

Geriatric rehab is the portion of physical therapy (PT) which is dedicated to elder care. It focuses specifically on 3 branches: normal aging, skeletal problems like osteoarthritis, and cardiovascular issues like those that lead to stroke.

Rehabilitation is commonly recommended by physicians after medical situations like stroke, and after surgeries that are meant to improve mobility, such as knee or hip replacements.

Every patient has unique needs and requirements, but our goal is generally to help our older generation of patients return to the same quality of life they had before their medical situation occurred. Overall, physical therapy is proven to improve our patient's overall quality of life, their mobility, speed and ability to function independently.

How is Geriatric Rehab Different From Other Types of Rehab?

To correctly treat our elderly patients, geriatric rehabilitation therapists receive specialized training. While all types of PT are geared towards decreasing pain, improving mobility and improving a patient's quality of life, our older generation needs specialized treatment that is gentler and more aware of cognitive and physical function.

For instance, elderly patients may suffer from vision or hearing loss. Our professional therapists have special training that helps us to communicate effectively and patiently with clients.

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