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Sports-Specific Training in St. Pete

Sport-specific training is a rising trend in the world of athletic performance training. Athletes of all sports and ages are opting to participate in it, including both competitive and recreational athletes. But what exactly is sport-specific training?  And what would make it advantageous for an athlete?

What is Sport-Specific Training?

Simply put, sport-specific training is just that- it is athletic training focused on the skills and strengths one needs to be successful in their particular sport. Instead of one generic workout that athletes of all types would perform, sport-specific training integrates exercises that are highly beneficial to performance in the sport of focus, as part of a whole-body routine.

This differs from other strength and conditioning programs in that a more generalized training program can miss key elements needed for a high-performance level in a specific sport or position.

Who Would Benefit From Sport-Specific Training?

Sport-specific training can be beneficial to athletes across all sports and levels of competition, including those who are simply recreational athletes. So who should consider participating in this state-of-the-art training style?

For one, athletes who have sustained an injury that inhibits their ability to play and perform. In this unfortunate situation, sport-specific rehabilitation can get the athlete back on track, accelerating their return to sports and likely minimizing their risk of re-injury in the process. Like any form of physical therapy, treatment will start with the basics of injury care, such as improving range of motion and minimizing swelling, and will gradually progress to more intense sport-specific exercises.

The benefits of sport-specific training, however, are not limited to those who are rehabbing an injury but can be highly beneficial to any athlete wishing to take their performance to the next level. The goals of the training program will include better performance, increased endurance, and lower risk of injury, among others. The length of the training program will vary but in general, will last from 6-12 weeks.

How Does Sport-Specific Training Differ From Regular Athletic Training?

In contrast to a generic athletic training program, sport-specific training can actually include working on motions and activities that an athlete performs in live competition under the direct supervision of a trained expert.

For instance, a baseball picture may work on throwing motion while a football cornerback works on lateral quickness and hand speed as part of their training program.  This results in athletes who are better prepared for both performance and injury prevention.

Similar to any other training program, athletes will progress through a spectrum of goals, beginning with basic exercises and progressing up to a higher intensity and complexity level.

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